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by Omega A.D.

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    Canadian Indie Rock/Metal from Southern Ontario circa 2001.

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Whale Song 02:02
Burn 03:59
Burn Its been ages since I last saw your eyes It took me until now to realize That even though I thought I was fine You had infected my insides Your words, they hit me hard You jangle with my strings like a bard Appearing briefly only to see If you could still get a rise out of me And if I knew of this truth I would have given up this love I hold of you I needed someone that would last until the end Not some quirky fair weather friend So let's not try to pretend: There's nothing left here to defend Life has always been by your terms You could never sacrifice your turn But now its time you learned I'm no longer yours to BURN Now I see you deceive If this is what you offer Then I choose to be free (x2) Why is your view of me A pathetic and weak distorted memory? Or is it because of the way I once yearned To be the victim of your BURN And so it goes, you're disposed Now the memories are free to decompose. Copyright 2000 Michael Ippersiel
When all your love is shattered by greed It makes trust just a word Trapped between all your promises Confused by all I saw and heard Who is right? Who is wrong? I remember hear this same old song. CHORUS The walls close in beside me No one ever seems to care I can't understand why you can't see I'm scared behind this hiding chair I know you didn't mean to hurt me But I'm still torn up inside Forced to turn friends into enemies Forever scarred by all the lies Who is right? Who is wrong? I can't take this no more CHORUS The walls close in beside me No one ever seems to care I can't understand why you can't see I'm scared behind this hiding chair The walls close in beside me... CHORUS (X2) Copyright 2000 Oral Hall
Meatgrinder 03:44
Meatgrinder I can't believe my life has come to this Slaving away for someone else Punch in and out, the same old shit If this is my life's work I think I'll quit To them I'm nothing but a fuckin' machine The fuel for their fire is broken dreams An endless sea of eternal days Chained to the wheel for pathetic pay Wear away youth, health and mind Personality is left behind Just because you're trying to pay the rent Time to get bent before the MEATGRINDER Copyright 2000 Michael Ippersiel
Interlude 03:59
Interlude You come to me, not truly knowing what you seek Not very long ago the world was unkind Disruptive woe ravaged your mind You struggled in the best way you could find To leave it all behind You came to me, I was so blinded I could not see With my heart racing I lost all control Dropping my guard in you I consoled Agonizing that all truth should be told Until you were sold It was a domination game that we played Unheeding of what others would say We just lived our life day by day Until we began to fade I lost all sense of myself When I put you before everything else Smothering that precious spark that we felt It could not be helped This little story has since come unbound Defeated in the same way it was found And even that regarded most profound In truth may not be sound And now I'm left wondering how It could all come crumbling down To where are you now? Copyright 2000 Michael Ippersiel
The Rage 03:43
The Rage In the end its all the same No matter how he tries he's still to blame Out of touch, he's despised His only truths are the greatest lies And he thinks He's slipping again. Chorus And God help the burning The fires are returning To pay them back in kind For what they did to my ... He was given love with a closed fist. His father would hit the bars and then come back pissed. Taught to hurt all he loves, he tries to rise above Struggling to keep it inside He knows his rage won't be denied. Now he knows He's slipping again. Chorus I can't believe he lasted so long At his age his father was gone His mother too was dragged along Dead and buried where they belong. Chorus ...for what they did to my mind. Copyright 1999 Michael Ippersiel
Liquid Courage I can feel it going down Sharp as razor blades, dull as a distant sound. Like lightning shooting through my veins Feeds my hunger, drowns my sorrow, kills my pain CHORUS How will I live tomorrow when I can't face today? All my hopes and dreams, they've all been torn away. I waste my life away, that's what they say I live my life with one foot in the grave. Mass confusion clouds my mind Happiness is the one thing I just can't seem to find. Surrounded by enemies They keep me blinded, absent minded of my misery CHORUS Copyright 2000 Oral Hall
The Sands Of Time A mote of dust carried by a gust of wind Out of control, guided by chaos. Its only until you test your supports That you risk them crumbling beneath your weight Shattering all you know, dispelling the illusion of control. And only the fools live on in ignorance and denial We stumble ceaselessly, blind from the dust storm. Buffeted by gale force winds, grasping for a hold on anything solid. Clasping at straws of reason, we knit them into a blanket But eventually it is torn from our child-hands. And only the fools live on in ignorance and denial Though we seek others for company, we are always alone with ourselves. It's our own voice that we must live with. Its the last voice we hear before embracing oblivion. One day we'll falter, vitality will ebb... And we'll topple... ...Into the dirt to be consumed by the sands of time. Copyright 1999 Michael Ippersiel
Null &Void 04:48
Null and Void. Unemployed. Unenjoyed Existence. Legionous ranks No thanks. Merciless banks Dominate. Humanity's heart Refreshed start. Null and Void Those employed seek out the answer Null and Void The world enjoys a future devoid Of vermin. Faceless class Behind the glass Losing mass Expendable. Beyond remorse Altered course Remove the source Of distaste. A world apart from weakness Null and Void The world enjoys a future devoid Of Vermin. Individuality gone. Copyright 2000 Michael Ippersiel


released January 1, 2001


all rights reserved



Omega A.D. Hamilton, Ontario

At the core of Omega A.D. are friendships kindled from youth, eventually spawning the power-trio of Oral (guitar/vocals), Mark (drums) and brother Mike (bass).

Two independent CDs and more than 100 shows (including opening spots for The Killer Dwarfs, Helix, Nazareth and April Wine) follow – and still they have much to prove to their harshest critics: themselves.

Currently on hiatus:
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